KNX Actuators

Combo Actuators

Combo is a multi-function KNX relay module which has a high processing capacity and which can respond to all automation controls.

With its specially designed parameters, the product – which is the result of advanced Turkish engineering – makes users happy in prestigious projects with its top-quality components.

We have developed it with top-quality standards and we sell it to the world..

Relay modules, which are the main control elements of the automation process, are produced in various types for different controls. For example, a module used for lamp control cannot control the fan coil. However, Combo can perform this.

Interra Combo is also the KNX module with the widest range.

Between 4 and 24 channels, 6 different sizes, and 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 channel combos ensure project efficiency.

The product you can have allows the most optimum solution for the projects with KNX products with high specific equipment, and it helps reduce energy costs by increasing the comfort of your living space.