Interra 10” Touch Panel

Interra 10” Touch Panel

Interra 4 Touch Panel, which is preferred by those who are looking for a modern design, hardware, software and a product with an appropriate interface that can meet all project requirements, is designed to be used on any area or surface.

The system, which provides the most suitable solutions for all needs regarding Intelligent Building Systems, stands out in its field by bringing comfort and convenience together.

Via Interra Touch Panel, you can perform all applications you need with just a small touch.

10” Touch Panel Interra


Available colors
Description 7″ capacitive touch panel
6 dry contact inputs
3 or 6 5 VDC Outputs (Optional)
4 Infrared LED Outputs
RS 485 Output
Available USB Connection
Ethernet connection for home and building networks
Available Wi-Fi connection
Complete data saving in case of power failure
Android6 operating system
Unlimited location creation
Built in microphone and 2X3W speakers
Lighting, air-conditioning, heating/cooling, valves, shutter/blind, intercom,concierge services, timer, scenarios, weather forecast, security sensors, alarms,IP cameras, SIP video door phone properties
Conformity with the CE
 Materials Plastic
 Dimension 126 x 197 x 30 mm dimension / Vertical
 Weight 890 g
 DataSheet Downlod